The Global Conference on Rural Energy Access: A Nexus Approach to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
04-06 December 2013

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The TERI University conducted a two week training programme titled, 'Sustainable Energy Leadership' for policy-makers, middle-level managers, and experts from emerging and developing countries associated with the design and implementation of energy policies, projects, and programmes. The training programme had 23 participants from different parts of the global South - developing and emerging countries. It provided an opportunity to participants to familiarize themselves with different sustainable energy solutions and reflect on practical, innovative ways to address goals of 'Sustainable Energy for All' by building up leadership skills.

Training sessions were led by experts in the field, including representatives from academia, private and public sectors, as well as colleagues from TERI, TERI University, and its partner institutions. Participants gained an in-depth understanding of energy policy, technology, financing, planning tools for addressing the sustainable energy for all goals. Presentations were held on solutions for the provision of universal access to modern, clean forms of energy, promotion of clean energy efficient technologies to industry as well as on the importance of enhancing innovation, partnerships for addressing the 'Sustainable Energy for All' goals by building leadership capabilities across developing, emerging countries. Lectures were delivered by practitioners from the field of sustainable energy, professionals from TERI, TERI University, and other partner institutes. Evening lectures, field trips, and outside class room environment discussion session was created to expose participants to the practical sectoral understandings to meet the 'Sustainable Energy for All' goals.

Rita Effah
TERI Africa Programme