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Date Events Title Venue
9 September 2013 TERI-ITEC Courses 2013-14 Course I - Applications of biotechnology and its regulation RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurgaon
23 May 2013 Setting national standards and performance benchmarks for improved cookstoves and solar lighting solutions for Ethiopia Addis Ababa
14 March 2013 Policies and practices for Natural Resource Management Distance Learning Programme
18 February 2013 TERI-ITEC Courses 2012-13 Course VIII - Renewable energy and energy efficieny RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurgaon
7 January 2013 TERI-ITEC Courses 2012-13 Course VII - Resource security and governance issues: challenges and opportunities RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurgaon