LaBL in Uganda

Uganda became the fourth country in Africa (after Mozambique, Sierra Leone, and Kenya) to benefit from the Lighting a Billion Lights campaign, with the successful establishment of six solar charging stations (SCS), each equipped with facilities for charging 100 lanterns, and a solar mobile charging facility in Kwarkwar village, Mbale district. The project was funded and implemented by Actis and Umeme (the electricity distribution company in Uganda) as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative. TERI provided technical support to foster South–South cooperation and expand provision of clean lighting in the country.

To ensure sustainability of the charging stations, TERI also provided technical training with regard to the installation, operation, and maintenance of the solar PV systems, lanterns, and mobile phone charging system to Umeme technicians during the installations. The training included instructions on trouble shooting for different faults, such as replacing fuses, circuit boards, and LEDs. As part of the initiative, TERI had also organized an exposure visit for one of the senior managers from Umeme to similar LaBL installations in Indian villages.

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